This page will provide you with information regarding all the different stats in this game.

Strength: Increases attack for most classes.

Stamina: Increases defense and hp rate.

Dexterity: Increases melee/ranged block rate, evasion rate, hit rate, critical chance, and increases attack for bows.

Intelligence: Increase the magic power rate of certain skills.  Also increase buff timers.

Attack: Increase damage done by auto attack and certain skills.

Defense: The more defense you have, the less damage that will be dealt to you.

FP: Used to cast certain skills and buffs.

MP: Used to cast certain skills and buffs.

CT: Used for the legendary skills obtained at level 195.

Critical Rate: The chance of triggering a critical attack on your opponent.

Increased Critical Damage: Increases the damage done when you preform a critical attack.

Magic Power: Increases the damage done by certain skills.

Speed: Shows how fast you are able to run.

Decreased Casting Time: Makes certain skill animations faster.

Attack Speed: Shows how fast your auto attack is.